Aug 20, 2008

MITTEN - Audio Walk

MITTEN - city as a sculpture - audio walk
length ca. 7,6 km, duration ca. 2-3 hours

For reservation please send a mail to

The story's that are told in tourist guides often have nothing to do with urban reality. They tell something about history, the past of the country and it’s political leaders. We learn something about memorials and squares that are described as remarkable. The citizens often are barely connected to these monuments and histories in their everyday life. But if they where asked by visitors to show them around in the city they would tell them the „official route“, similar to these routes in the tourist guides. An official, collective and faked picture of the town obscures the individual point of view of each citizen. How does one experience the city, the place where one live? How does the individual influence the city and vice-versa. What can one discover when one deals with this small splitted up townscapes, instead of dealing with the big, official statements? Through city walks and interviews with different individuals from Berlin-Mitte, I got to know about the individual views of these persons on their city. The result of this detailed research is put into a handy form (e.g. brochure with audio-guide). Equipped with these materials other citizens or visitors could get an insight into the different subjective views onto the city. They learn something about an individual person and its townscape which they may have never met or learned about. The individual and every day life city-perception of individuals should be a kind of experienceable, readable, lively and communicative Sculpture. The parallel subjective city-perceptions of the citizens and visitors that exist just at the same time, are shown as layers that are documented and visualized in the city itself.

--- A. Kerschkewicz

Aug 17, 2008

Aug 13, 2008

Aug 12, 2008

TIR girls

Traveling of an image isn’t anything new today cause thousands of them are in a constant move, traveling everyday, from one place to another, using TV, Internet etc. So amazing that the images can travel instead of us. Virtual trip. Our photos with TIR drivers in their trucks, traveling all around the world. Mobility. That was a staring point.

---Katarzyna Golebiowska

performed: space of certain size

the 'space of certain size' departed at chausseestr. 1, yesterday late afternoon. bordered
by barrier tape and defined by 4 human bodies, it did indeed find its way. via friedrichstraße and unter den linden it was deposited on the corner of wilhelmstraße. not everyone was amused; we were, however.
check out the fotos on flickr ('impressions' top right hand corner) and the video documentation at the exhibition!

--- johanna naatz

pics from fortnight archive

with the help of 2 lodz-based (emilia k. and maciej a.) and 2 berlin-based (isa and wilm) participants, i started
the "fortnight archive":
during 2 weeks, from july 26th to august 8th (i.e. one week before and one week after the workshop's kick-off),
every morning, they received a text message from me, with a topic for the day.
these were, for example, "day 2: my stuff - your things", "day 7: today's menue", "day 9: spy hole", ...
based on these topics, i asked them to make a photo with a disposable camera, a video recording of 10sec, a sound recording, some notes, and leave them to me afterwards, so that i could use the material.
this is not a settled project but some kind of controlled material collection with uncertain outcome.
a film will hopefully be ready on the finissage.
--- johanna naatz

Aug 9, 2008

space of certain size

"a 'space of certain size' will depart at chausseestr. 1 on monday late afternoon. bordered by barrier tape and defined by 4 human bodies, it will find its way through streets and crowds.

--- johanna naatz"

sundays balloon f(l)ight

two pics from sunday, where the rain stopped just in time.
thanx to all who came to help and take part. you were great and essential in the fight with the knot which wasn't planned.

first card arrived yesterday from kastanienallee.

Aug 8, 2008

action: 7pm Sunday 10th of august

loadz of berloons (300) will be sent to the sky from the roof of the "altes postfuhramt" in berlin mitte at 7 pm this sunday.
Each balloon carries a message to the person who finds it. That person is asked to send a drawing of the place where he found the balloon to me. The drawings will be exhibited.

this work is about sending messages to random people and interacting with them.
a balloon is a beautiful image of movement, play and happyness.

please come and watch the take off. The best spot to see it will probably be on the
oranienburger straße in oposite of the c/o gallery.

---Isabelle Dechamps

Aug 6, 2008

Emillia, Ania, Aga and Agatka trying out some balloon ideas....

Aug 3, 2008